Business Improvement Team




Organizational Excellence Consultation


We take into account all business factors and our consulting catalogue covers the entire scope of services in the field of excellence consulting.


Our services include:

  • Assessing organizational and operational effectiveness.
  • Diagnosing gaps and developing strategies to enhance organizational effectiveness.
  • Identifying cross-departmental barriers and key success factors required for their effective integration.
  • Designing and supervising the implementation of best practices in your field.


If your organisation is underperforming or you want to achieve excellence awards to boost performance and gain a marketing edge, we are the right cost-effective consultants that you may find in the market.


Quality, Environment, Health & Safety and Energy Management Systems 

When it comes to certification according to international standards such as quality, environmental, health & safety and energy management systems, our international long experience is furnished for your organisation.


Our services include:

  • Designing and supvervising implmentation of: 

          - Quality Management System according to ISO9001 Standard.

          - Environmental Management System according to ISO 14001 Standard.

          - Energy Management System according to ISO 50001 Standard.

          - Health & Safety Management System according to ISO 45001 Standard.

  • Auditing implmentation of these systems.  
  • Training relating to these management systems and their auditing.


Customer Experience


Customers experience is an essential element of achieving their satisfaction, all factors affecting customer journey are reengineered to ensure smooth and enjoyable experience.


Our services include:

  • Assessing cusomter service centers' operational effectiveness.
  • Diagnosing gaps and developing strategies to enhance customer journey.
  • Desgining and supervising the implementation of best practices related to integrated model of strategic alignment, customers, services, channels, customer journey, processes, people and technology.



Strategic Planning


The requirements for a sound strategic plan is inseparable from the services of organzational development.


 Our strategic planning services include:

  • Creating corporate statements.
  • Analyzing internal and external factors affecting the business.
  • Developing SMART goals and objectives.
  • Creating of action plans.
  • Supervizing implementation and measuring performance. 


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